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Free Poolside Yoga in Cairns

Cairns City Council sure know what they’re doing.

Not only have they developed a stunning waterfront and café precinct, they also offer a wide variety of free activities held in the lagoon park daily.

Activities include: yoga, aqua aerobics, Pilates, zumba, boot camp, meditation, organised walks,  and beach volleyball. Large numbers of tourists and locals alike take advantage of these free, fresh air activities to start their day with vitality, or end it with some fun social interaction.

Being the mad, keen, yoga-lover that I am, I got myself poolside at 6.30am (the very definition of mad and/or keen) on this chilly winter’s morning.  Just because I’m in the tropics doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be caressed by warm tropical breezes at all times apparently. Darn!

I soon warmed up though as the yoga classes are quite strenuous. A mixture of Iyenga and Ashtanga, some of the asanas are quite advanced, but everyone is encouraged to work at their own level and beginners are welcomed.

I get the chance to chat to a local before the class starts. She tells me these free activities have been running for around 10 years, and generously provides some ‘local knowledge’ on the Cairns art/culture scene.

The outdoor location gives me a strong sense of connection to nature as I feel the crisp breeze and gentle morning sunbeams on my skin. The sunshine glistening on the clear blue waters surrounding makes me feel calm and blissful.

Classes are large and try to strike a balance between physically focussed gym style yoga and the more spiritual/traditional style, starting with a short meditation and ending with three sacred OM’s. The teacher farewelled us with a reflective quote on the spirit of generosity, a lovely concept to take with us as we start our new day.

As I lay in bed this morning listening to my alarm urging me to rise in the dark morning hours I was highly tempted to just stay there, snuggle up, and glide gently back into peaceful slumber.  The temptation was strong, but stronger still was my inner knowing that an early morning yoga class is the perfect way to set myself up for a day full of exuberance.

I walked away from the class feeling tall and strong and light and calm. (And filled with the spirit of generosity!) The world was a beautiful place and I had this brand new day ahead to live it to the full.

Om Shanti.

Copyright July 2012


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  1. Phillip Matthews said:

    Sorry, awesome! I desired a more inspired response.

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