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Magic Carpet Ride @ The Circle of Life

26-01-2013 05;56;15PM

Yoga Relaxation with a Difference.

If you would like a unique and uplifting relaxation experience (and who wouldn’t) get along to The Circle of Life, the newest Drumming, Yoga and Meditation School on the Central Coast.

Heath Jeffrey – yoga teacher, musician, and Director at The Circle of Life – offers yoga enthusiasts a chance to add a little something extra to their yoga class as he introduces the soothing, resonating sounds of a live didgeridoo to complement the relaxation practice.

In preparation for this meditative experience, we ready our bodies with the asana part of the class. Based on the Satyananda style of yoga, we use gentle basic postures to build strength, develop balance, release muscle tension, and increase flexibility and energy flow throughout the body.

This is followed by a pranayama practice, where guided by Heath’s soothing voice, we use our breath to take us to that deep place of stillness within.

My breath becomes so subtle that I experience long pauses where I don’t feel the need to breathe at all. It’s in this divine stillness that I can connect with something higher.

No breath, no self – just pure awareness.

Having released all tension and stresses, my body and mind now become one big empty space, and the tone of the didgeridoo reverberates within. It feels like a gentle, nurturing massage for the soul.

The sounds of the didge permeate my body and lift my spirit higher, and like an adventurous child on a magic carpet ride, my soul is swept away on a wave of earthy vibrations; to explore and discover unknown places within …

The Circle of Life is located at East Gosford and offers a wide variety of workshops and classes to discover your inner joy through Music, Yoga, and Meditation.

Specialising in African Djembe and Japanese Taiko drumming, the school runs weekly programs to develop skills, or to simply enjoy the ecstasy of surrendering yourself into rhythm, and connecting with others on a primal, joyful level.

Like yoga and meditation, the benefits of rhythmic drumming are numerous for our health and well-being. This is now supported by many scientific studies, but you only need to experiment for yourself to know how good the classes make you feel.

The benefits of drumming can also be taken into the workplace through corporate events, which promote team building and employee well-being and productivity.

And of course any type of event can be catered for to experience a unique, purely explosive form of entertainment.

The School’s shopfront sells a wide variety of African drums, percussion, and diverse instruments from around the globe. Or make your own drum at one of their customised workshops.

A full list of services that the School provides can be found on their website:

Or Contact Heath Jeffrey on 0401 300 299


So do yourself a favour and experience the Growth, Joy, and Awareness that these classes can bring. You know you want to!


Term 2 starts Monday 6th May 2013


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