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I Forgot How Much I Love Live Music – Wait! No I Didn’t …

I Forgot How Much I Love Live Music …

 Wait – No, I Didn’t!

I’m just realising (yet again) that I let my life roll by, day after day, without the required dosage of musical medicine.

Well tonight I’m getting my fix and it’s the best feel good drug ever.

We’ve driven almost 3000 kilometres, to the top tip of Australia, before seeing our first pub band. Not that our journey’s been completely void of music so far. We went to Byron Bay Blues Fest in April, and I saw an awesome didge/drum band, goes by the name of  “Wild Marmalade,” on the Gold Coast, where I danced so hard, in such a mad, barefooted, tribal frenzy, that I fractured my foot! My adventure activities list was scaled back somewhat for weeks after that, but I digress …

I’ve now made it to the end of the road. Cooktown is literally where the tarred road ends, and it feels like the ends of the Earth  – I love it!

S0 here we are at Cooktown’s Soverign Hotel. We had dinner earlier, the food was excellent and I ate gleefully, engulfed in a 1980’s time warp as Cold Chisel’s “East” played in the background. This will always remain their best album.

As the sun set onEast , the live band came into play.  “Jusfa Kicks” promised everything from the 60’s ‘til now, and they did have a great and varied repertoire.  The lead singer had a set of Eddie Vedder vocal chords and he knew it, so there was a disproportionate amount of Pearl Jam on the playlist which also kept me smiling.

This place had a classic outback Australia atmosphere, and I’d guess it was filled with around 80% locals, so we really got a feel for what it’s like in Cooktown on a Friday night. It felt like being part of a scene from an Aussie  movie, with a high percentage of Aboriginal people and lots of stereotypical characters that you’d expect to find in a small country town. The night got rowdy at times, but never aggressive, and everyone seemed to be having a good time abandoning themselves to the tunes.

After much chair dancing (and air drumming), my insuppressible movements outgrew the limitations of the chair and spilled onto the dance floor. Of course I wished I had gotten out there much earlier.

We chatted with the owner of the local Italian restaurant on the dance floor and it felt good to ‘know’ somebody. We’d befriended him earlier in our stay, after more than one visit to his little pizza paradise.  And then just as everybody was really starting to get into it – the band went home. It’s always the way …

Sitting there tonight and connecting to the rhythm with every cell of my being,  I contemplated why I’ve not yet realised my lifelong dream of fronting an all-girl AC/DC cover band. Bonny Scott perhaps? Hey, it’s never too late! Or is it …?

OK, so my AC/DC days may have past, but I’m determined to find a way to incorporate this wonder drug, this bringer of bliss, this vibration of joy, into my everyday present. I open myself to the magic of music – let me be your servant. ♥

Stay tuned …

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