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Yum Cha Conversion at Orient Express Eatery

Yum Cha Conversion at Orient Express Eatery

decor 2

I admit it, I used to be anti yum cha. I could not understand other’s cultish devotion to the phenomenon. Being presented with an array of unidentifiable morsels and having to make an instant choice, without knowing what you’ve just committed to eating, never appealed to me.

Not that I’m a fussy eater, just the opposite. But I do enjoy deliberating over a menu for a while to weigh up my options.

The other problem was the propensity to unwittingly rack up the dollars whilst gleefully stacking up the plates.

But all this now has changed – I’ve found yum cha heaven!

The Orient Express Eatery in Byron Bay does yum cha like no other. There’s no wandering cart of interesting but unknown foodstuffs; instead you have a detailed menu, with every dish the same very reasonable price.

Most of the serving sizes are larger than average. Depending on which items you choose, four dishes between two people usually results in a doggy bag, which­­­ they are always happy to provide. This means you can have your fill of yum cha for less than $16 per head. The value for money is extraordinary.

And so is the service. I’m now a regular patron and without fail the service is outstanding. Attentive, prompt, efficient and friendly. Special touches like the complimentary fermented vegetables to start are also a winner.


Complimentary fermented vegetables

Favourite dishes include: egg crepe parcel of fried rice (gargantuan proportion), vegetarian spring rolls, crispy shrimp­ pancake, steamed rice noodles with Sichuan spiced pork mince sauce, and the delicious sesame and honey glazed stuffed crumbed prawns. And the feast would not be complete without a delightful pot of Buddha’s Tears, one of the many exotic teas on the menu.

pork mince

Rice noodles with spicy Sichuan pork mince sauce

honey crumb prawns

Sesame and honey glazed stuffed crumbed prawns

fried rice

Egg crepe parcel of fried rice

The décor is divine. If dining inside you may find yourself ensconced in sheer, red organza curtains, surrounded by ornate oriental ornaments bathed in a soft glow. Alfresco dining is also available, with heaters provided during winter.


decor 1

No matter what time of year, you can walk through the doors of Orient Express Eatery and be transported to an exotic culinary yum cha experience for less than the price of a burger and fries.

The Orient Express Eatery is open 7 nights 5.30pm–9.30pm and provides the yum cha experience Fri-Sun 12.00pm – 5.00pm.

You’ll find them at 1/2 Fletcher St, Byron Bay

 For bookings/enquiries:(02) 6680 8808